IET Diversity Campaign 2019

Showcasing the diversity in Engineering. Proud to be part of this campaign produced by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. #IAmAnEngineer

The campaign follows new IET research that found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of British women are considering taking on careers in engineering despite there only being 12%* (Engineering UK) currently in the industry.

Worryingly, outdated visions of the industry could also be contributing, with 18% feeling it’s not suited to their gender, whilst a further 13% are put off by the fear of being discriminated against.

This can be seen most prominently with nearly half (49%) of the population feeling STEM industries are outwardly sexist.

IET Diversity Campaign 2019

I am an Engineer. But I am so much more.

"But now imagine. There was no gender, no ages, no religion or races. Would we still define all people by their faces? "

-- IET, I am an Engineer

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