Lottie Doll Project

Female role models in STEM industries showcased in the Lottie Tour

The campaign was to show different females in STEM careers to a primary age audience.

This is to diminish the stereotypes around STEM roles and their industries. Also to showcase the variety of jobs and roles in the industry. Consequently, because of this, children get to visually see day to day tasks by engineers. As well as seeing how the tasks involve different skills and are varied depending on the industry that you work in.

The ‘Lottie Tour’ is organised by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Young Member’s Board. It’s aim is to engage a primary age audience in Engineering and STEM by showing current engineers ‘touring’ with Lottie Dolls #WESLottieTour. Primary age students are often neglected when outreach activities are planned, and WES believes this should change…. this is a great time to get girls excited about science and engineering!

We are proud to feature in #WESLottieTour ! Check out Techwuman’s Lottie Tour in NYC below exploring the engineering marvels and meeting females in STEM careers in New York City, America! From the famous times square to a picture with a female NYPD officer, Lottie Doll has gone on a tour like no other. The aim was to appreciate the history of engineering and to showcase the buildings and designs that we are surrounded by. Lottie also found females in NYC that had a career in a STEM industry.

Techwuman was happy to feature in this campaign to promote more girls into STEM industries. Check out the other campaigns that we feature in!

Contact us if you would like us to feature in your campaign for gender equality in the industry.

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"Wisdom begins in wonder"

-- Socrates

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