STEM Ambassadors

The STEM Ambassadors programme is an important part of the government’s efforts to increase the supply of people with STEM skills in the economy.

We are proud to be STEM Ambassadors!

STEM Ambassadors have a positive impact on young people’s engagement, interest and enjoyment of STEM subjects. You can make a real difference to a young person’s perception of STEM subjects and careers.

STEM Ambassador impact on young people

STEM Ambassador impact on young people

The ambassadors play a crucial role in closing the STEM skills gap. They get involved in a range of activities to impact on young people’s learning and enjoyment of STEM subjects. When it comes to the types of activities you can do, the opportunities are endless.

The Stem Ambassador programme works with over 30,000 STEM Ambassadors from more than 2,500 different employers. They volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to encourage and inspire young people to progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Through a range of activities, including presentations, mentoring and careers talks, STEM Ambassadors play an essential role in inspiring the next generation with the world of STEM subjects and careers. Their support isn’t just limited to the classroom – you can invite a STEM Ambassador¬†into your STEM Club, employer, or youth and community group.

If you work in a STEM industry and want to showcase to the next generation your experience, sign up to be a STEM ambassador!

"It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man, the important thing is your determination"

-- Milka Duno

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