SolidWorks Simulation

Want to value engineer your products and parts using FEA through prototyping with SolidWorks 3D models?

Created 3D models but unable to run on a simulation? Come to us for a service to suit your simulation needs.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) predicts a structural response to a given load or test conditions using numerical simulation tools. This simulation can help with prototyping and highlight potential design issues early on in the project. This results in an increase in the project efficiency and can also cut down testing time.

Every simulation run is bespoke due to the specific boundary conditions and loading requirements. With our engineering knowledge we can advise you on how best to run the simulation successfully.


SolidWorks Simulation

  • Linear stress, strain and displacement analysis
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation utilises finite element analysis (FEA) method in order to decretise design components down into solid, shell or beam elements, using linear stress analysis to define the response of parts and assemblies when applied to the effect of:
      • Forces
      • Pressures
      • Accelerations
      • Temperatures
      • Contact between components
  • Creation of models suitable for simulation

Structural Analysis

  • We use SolidWorks to analyse complete structures, beams, sheet metal components, connections and fixtures. We can replicate the structure you are proposing, or take a pre-made model and apply forces to verify your design. The stress, strain and displacement can all be measured and detailed within a report for your records.

Simulation reports

    • Created for your part or assembly with an ‘engineering description’ evaluating the results.

"Design is thinking made visual"

-- Saul Bass

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