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“The project was delivered to the standards required and in line with pre-agreed program.”

-- R&D and Technical Manager, Security Product Manufacturer

Service Provided: SolidWorks Solutions
“Our school had a great day with the STEM ambassadors from Techwuman. All ages were catered for and the children thoroughly enjoyed their learning through engaging activities. What particularly came across at all levels was the idea that anyone can be an engineer, scientist or mathematician. It was a pleasure to walk through the school seeing the pupils discussing ideas, problem solving, predicting and testing . Thank you to the team for providing such a valuable learning experience”

-- St Andrew's CE Primary School

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

My children have attended two of their STEM holiday clubs – not only are they free, but every kid I saw at the end of the day had a huge smile and clearly really enjoyed the content. A great way to encourage more girls into STEM careers. Thank you

-- Emma Bailey-Beech

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

Inspirational and fun. My children had a great time and came home very excited by the projects they made and activities they took part in.

-- Vicky, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“I am grateful to have been able to receive free mentorship from Melissa and the team. I have had my CV looked over which they have helped me to redraft and restructure. When submitting this into university as part of a coursework that looked at Employability, I received a first class, one of the highest in the cohort, and am so pleased with the feedback and direction I have been given. Additionally, Melissa has been really great in giving me direction about what career path I may want to go down and how to actually get there. Having gone through the process herself, she has really helped me look at my options with perspective, which is putting me in a great position going forward. So thank you so much and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for advice.”

-- Gloria Adebayo

Service Provided: Mentorship

“A great company. They planned and delivered a fantastic STEM day for Y7 pupils at St Thomas More CVA in Buxton. All of our pupils were engaged and motivated, they made some great bridges out of spaghetti, a balloon car and also a glider. All the presenters were informed and personable. It was a great experience.”

-- Stephen Coyle

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

My daughter was lucky enough to attend a STEM activity day hosted by the Techwuman team at Kesteven and Grantham Girls School. She was engaged throughout the entire day, found the project delivery clear and concise and came home with a fab 3D modeled watch designed for those with a visual impairment. Definitely got the brain cells firing and gave an insight into different opportunities available to her in terms of roles in the STEM sectors. Thank you.

-- Carls Simcock

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Being a STEM Ambassador with Techwuman is enriching and empowering. With Techwuman you’re joining the warm team to present the importance of STEM subjects and job roles to children who’s mind are sponges and smiles are mirrors; they absorb our knowledge and emit positivity throughout the day. The sessions are not only beneficial to the students but allow us ambassadors to connect with other like-minded individuals and broaden our network to a wide range of different sectors. Techwuman is like a family of brilliance and I am privileged to be able to say I promote their core values.”

-- Byader Hamed, Innovation Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program
An amazing day for my daughter she had great fun doing activities she may not have had the chance to otherwise. 10/10

-- Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude, appreciation and thanks to yourself and all members of the team involved with Techwuman. Everyone involved has been extremely efficient and professional. Your day of STEM activities was pitched at just the right level, to challenge and engage my students and enable them to leave with a host of new skills.
The delivery of Solidworks was extremely effective, with all team members starting with very little or no experience of 3D modelling packages, progressing through a range of skills rapidly to achieve a level of skill required to render their final design.
Thank you once again for all your help, support and professionalism, and all at Techwuman Services for providing an ‘Excellent Service’ from start to finish.
I will also highly recommend Techwuman Services to other people who may require your services and expertise.

-- Pav Mears Sagoo - Head of Design & Technology

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Thanks to the help from the CV workshop I was able to develop my CV past just a list of my academic and professional accomplishments and into a document which made it clearer the unique qualities I can offer to employers. From help with what to include, to tips about formatting and the overall visuals of the CV, the workshop gave me a comprehensive look at how I could improve each aspect of my resume to have it looking and reading as best it can. Of particular use were the tips on how to best describe my previous work experience in a way which would be broadly appealing to other employers, better showcasing my skills. Overall, the process was not only extremely useful in taking my CV to a much higher standard, but this service was delivered in a clear, concise and helpful manner by the Techwuman staff. Insider knowledge about the screening process of resumes, as well as tailored advice and guidance make it a must for anyone looking to improve their CV, but are stuck for what and how to include everything they want.”

-- Harvey Rowe

Service Provided: CV Workshop

Techwuman presented inspiring and engaging activities in a way that the children really enjoyed, and catered for all abilities. Thanks for making STEM fun!

-- Jenny, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

Our students had a very informative and fun filled day. The Techwuman facilitators were excellent. I would have no hesitation in inviting them back.

-- Sue Brennan

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Working as a STEM ambassador for Techwuman has been an experience and has given me leadership skills not usually gained in an adult based environment. It is great to inspire the next generation to take interests in STEM, hopefully leading to careers or showing them the possibilities of jobs that they wouldn’t have thought about. It is also great to work with other ambassadors from all walks of life and a great way to network with others in STEM industries which as a graduate has proven invaluable.”

-- Neel Ghoorun, Mechanical Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program

Connor had a great day, it sounded like a lot of fun 😁 many thanks. He is displaying his certificate in his bedroom with pride! 🥰

-- Michelle – Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

My 5 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day with the team. Activities were well thought out, very well organised and lots of things made to bring home. Would definitely recommend. Nice to have an activity day that isn’t generic games but learning too.

-- Ruth, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Being a STEM ambassador with Techwuman has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I have been able to share my enthusiasm for STEM, and why I am pursuing studies in it, while motivating young people to follow STEM career paths. By engaging with school students about the endless possibilities in STEM, I have been able to see how inspired and excited they are, partaking in STEM activity days. It is wonderful to see the progress in their interest and self-confidence over the space of an activity day. As a STEM ambassador I have also had the opportunity to use and improve upon my communication skills as well as learn from a network of successful, ambitious individuals in STEM. I really look forward to assisting in future STEM promotion events.”

-- Varsha Vijay, Biomedical Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program
My son loved the activity day. He enjoyed working in a group to solve problems and learning new things about electrical connections. This has day really sparked his imagination and he is keen to learn more!

-- Rosie, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“I have enjoyed my time as a Techwuman STEM ambassador, as it has been a valuable experience. I have enjoyed working with children and teaching them about STEM careers. It has also connected me with a lot of professionals in my chosen field, which will help me further my career.”

-- Daniel Hutchinson, Microbiologist

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program

It was great knowing my daughter was being inspired to learn new things, she has always been unsure of new things but loved the STEM day. She couldn’t wait to show us how her magnet trick worked!

-- Claire Powell – Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days
My child loved it and wants to go again!

-- Katie, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“My role as STEM Ambassador has given me the opportunity to grow and develop in so many different ways. The opportunity to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders is a privilege. I love working with the kids, it’s great to see how happy they are when learning and completing the activities. I am continually inspired by their growth in every session. Personally, I have grown more confident in speaking about the STEM industry and have had a change of perspective when engaging with the future generation. Above all, it is super fun and has been a great way to meet other like-minded individuals from all over the country.”

-- Gloria Adebayo, Mechanical Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program

“Becoming a stem ambassador was a new experience to me which in itself was rewarding being an influential key worker for young lives. This experience allowed me to tap into a complete different skill set, driving me to build strong relationships with the children encouraging me to pass on my wealth of knowledge within engineering. Engineering has been close to home as a family trade, where I grew up wanting to know how things worked and were created. Learning key skills from my father at a young age were extremely useful which led me to pass this over to the generation of today.”

-- Mohssan Mahmood, Materials Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program
My girls (age 6 and 10) thoroughly enjoyed the day learning about STEM subjects. They were thrilled with their homemade ‘harry potter wands’ that lit up, and the physics behind them. Thank you for a great day.

-- Emma, Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Promoting STEM within schools is so important, it creates the opportunity to influence the lives of children by educating them on STEM and breaking the stereotypes surrounding the industries involved. It is very rewarding working with the children and teaching them that STEM is a very exciting field within which to work, and encouraging them to pursue STEM subjects. The children really enjoy all the activities, and it is a great opportunity for the ambassadors to support STEM industries and leave children inspired from a young age.”

-- Hannah Rosenbaum, Aerospace Engineer

Service Provided: STEM Ambassador Program

“The children were enthralled and engaged all the time, they will be talking about their activities for weeks! The STEM Ambassador was especially good with the children, keeping them focused and on task. Keep up the good work, 5 year olds can be fickle creatures. You did marvellously!”

-- Mepal and Witcham Church of England Primary School

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

This is the second STEM day my two daughters have attended – they both enjoy the team ‘problem’ solving exercises, and come home really enthusiastic about STEM. The team are clearly very encouraging about STEM, which rubs of on the kids. Thank you

-- Emma - Parent

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“Enjoyable activities which the children enjoyed. Today made the children aware of what activities used STEM. Very hands on, encouraged the children to work as a team and trial and error showed children it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes and they need to try again. A good informative day enjoyed by all.”

-- Mepal and Witcham Church of England Primary School

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

“The children were focused and enjoyed the activities. The pupils had a good knowledge and were able to answer questions throughout the day. It was an excellent opportunity. The Techwuman STEM Ambassador was patient, had clear instructions and made the activities fun.”

-- Mepal and Witcham Church of England Primary School

Service Provided: STEM Activity Days

"This is why we do what we do"

-- The Techwuman Team

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